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is the

balanced good

for you!

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you are

and whose

you are --

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Just what is this all about and who is involved?  Well, for the who, let me introduce myself to you.  I am Dr. S. Williams, a woman who has lived a real life, in search of truths and life beyond the box.

I have been called weird, among a long list of names and I don't fit into what many religious thinking people think a person of God 'should be'. 

I am not concerned about behavior.  Nope.  I am more concerned about you coming to know who you are, really. 

I know, personally, God our creator, and I invite you to 'KNOW' God as well.  God is my Father, my Mother, my Brother, my savior, as in paid the dues for me.  And while I appreciate much of what churches are about, foundation-wise, I have a different view on the life we have been given to live.

So if you have some questions, then I suggest you check out the website.  My husband (yes I am married and loving it) and I are the sole contributors so far.  But there are many people who have much to share and that is truly what the 'church' is about -- caring, sharing, learning and growing. 

We are about, and this website is about 

    • teaching and
    • empowering all those who
      • hunger and
      • thirst for
      • living water. 


Life is simple, really.  If you know who you are and whose you are -- you step on, learning and growing in being.

Who you are is about -

Are you only a physical body, seeking to get all you can for the needs the body demands?

Or are you both a soul in a body, craving acceptance, love, peace, and more, getting some and seeking for all?

Or are you a spirit, who has a soul, who lives in a physical body, learning and growing, being all you are to be?   

Think about these options.

Whose you are is about -

Are you alone, and yet think you shouldn't be?

Are you with someone, and yet seem empty still

Are you one with God your creator (spirit to spirit), and at peace within your soul, and your soul mate; and healthy in your body?

Think about these options.

Did you know that the focus for your life is simply 'choice'?    Yes, choice to know who you are and whose you are.  Everything else is simply the noise of the universe playing out!  

So have you chosen, who you are, and whose you are??? 



Adding Fun

Laughter is a

healing balm!

How do you

get to laugh?

What makes

you laugh -

or smile even  ?

Inside out, laugh

and smile and

laugh and smile

and laugh!!!